S. Arabia defers implementation of entry ban on old trucks

التبويبات الأساسية

الاثنين, أكتوبر 16, 2023

The Land Transport Regulatory Commission (LTRC) recently revealed Saudi authorities’ have approved a delay in implementing a ban on transit trucks that are over 20 years old from entering Saudi territory.
Speaking with The Jordan Times over the phone on Sunday, LTRC Spokesperson Abla Wishah said that “a set of incentives and exemptions such as customs duty and sales tax exemption have been granted to truckers with the aim to update the local truck fleet”.
She added that the LTRC has filed a request to Saudi authorities regarding the extension of the deadline for prohibiting transit trucks from entering their territory.
She noted that the decision is already applied for trucks carrying goods from Jordan to Saudi Arabia.
Wishah said that “the decision relating to transit trucks has been delayed until February 16 next year”.
According to the most recent figures released by the LTRC, individual truck ownership represents 78.5 per cent of the total truck ownership, while trucking companies’ ownership of the local trucks accounts for 21.5 per cent.
In Jordan, the total number of trucks up until 2021 reached 19,805. The registered number of trailers accounted for 21,172.
According to the LTRC, the average lifespan of the local truck fleet has reached 19.52 years.